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Cost per data row is $0.0008. Minimum $25.00 charge for each file.

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Scrub your leads against the National Do Not Call Registry!

Protect yourself against a Lawsuit!

Our National DNC database is directly from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
We do not keep any of your data, it's a service that tells you which numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry.
The cost per data row is only $0.0008, however Celerity Telecom customers get 50% of what you spend on MyFreeDNC back.**
** Amounts to be applied as a credit only to your Celerity prepaid balance.

In order to comply with applicable laws and regulations in the user’s jurisdiction, leads are deleted from our servers once the scrubbed list is downloaded.

What is DNC Scrubbing?

DNC scrubbing is a way to remove names and numbers that appear on federal lists from your company’s call lists. Without this type of service, a call could easily slip through, and you can be sure that if an individual who has requested placement on a Do Not Call list gets a call from you, the government will hear about it. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or intentional.

What is the Do Not Call List?

The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of consumers who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls. Individuals are able to sign up for free and file complaints if they continue to receive calls after being on the list for 31 days. Scammers often ignore the DNC list. If your legitimate business continues to make calls to numbers on that registry, not only could you receive action against you by the FTC, consumers could perceive your company as a scam.